Live your life. Enjoy your life. As long as you do no harm to anyone else or yourself, do whatever makes you happy. Don’t worry about pleasing others, because that gives them the power over your own happiness. They have no right to it, and you have no right to give your happiness away.

There are some people that you meet and feel at home with immediately. Being in their arms feels like home. Speaking to them feels like home. Simply being in the same room with them feels like home. That’s chemistry of the soul. It has to do with energy, but there’s more to it. I’m not sure precisely how it works or what there is beyond energy, but there is something in “the draw”. Some people call to you. I call it “the draw”. You are pulled to them and/or they to you kind of like a magnetic force of the heart. Like their heart connects directly with yours. It’s more than a simple matter of like energy attracting. It could very well have something to do with the plan that you make for what you want to accomplish in life. A draw to those that you must meet. But I feel like there’s even more to it than that. “The draw” simply is. There is no control over it. If there’s no chemistry, there’s no chemistry. It’s why you can meet someone that logically would be an ideal choice as a mate, but you feel like something is missing. Chemistry can be instant, or it might take a little while to feel. But it either exists or doesn’t. The only reason it would take time to feel is if one person is “closed” off and not trusting yet. After their truth is revealed, then the chemistry would be obvious instead of subtle. The truth of someone is the near perfection of their soul. It is all of their goodness and love. It is their own personal world and perspective. Your truth and their truth could be similar or not similar at all, and chemistry could still be present. That’s why I think there’s more to it that I have yet to discover and understand. A good indicator of chemistry is eye contact with a distinct “wow, I’ve got to go say hi or introduce myself” pulling you towards someone. Blushing is another sign of chemistry. Certain people will “excite” your energy and for whatever reason draw you to them. When it’s mutual, it’s magnificent. :) Chemistry can be calm and loving as well. Some people draw you into calmness and love. That is chemistry too. There are many different varieties of chemistry. When you feel good with someone, that is a good chemistry between souls regardless of it being calm or wild. romantically speaking, if you have to question whether there is chemistry or not, that should tell you something. You’ll know. 😉

Living things have energy. It’s kind of like a cloud of zooming around “stuff” that is within and around all loving things. There is a green energy of calm that comes from plants and forests. For healing, a walk in the forest away from the hum of technology works wonders! Water doesn’t have energy, but it is energy. That’s why the dead are so easy to pick up on near water sources. That’s why humans will crave the ocean or a creek or some kind of water to be near at times. It’s a conductor as well. Coincidentally water also conducts electricity. Ponder that in an open way. every person has an energy that is their basic energy. I feel/see it as colors, but most people don’t realize that they sense the energy of people. Have you ever met someone that gave you a not so good gut feeling? You’re picking up on “negative energy” or energy that is not compatible with your own. Miserable people tend to not enjoy the happy energy of perky peppy people. The perky peppy people are not negative energy. They simply don’t fit well with that energy. Misery loves company. The lower vibration of miserable people attracts other miserable people. A high happy peaceful vibration attracts the same and will attract lower vibrations if they wish to learn to vibrate at a higher level. Trust your gut. If someone makes you feel something not good, you have the right to walk away. It’s easy to say that others should not be allowed to affect you, but if they do, you can walk away. My personal translation of energy is that everyone has a flavor. Also just by looking at someone, I can see a color. Well, it’s usually more than one color. Angry people feel red. Sad people a baby blue. I love the feel of yellows and whites, in regards to energy. They are a “higher” vibration and a positive one. They are the ones that always think I’ll see something “bad” and think they’re evil. That always makes me laugh. Even the saddest energy is not “bad”. Compatible energies will be attracted to each other. It’s no different than basic chemistry. Some things attract and form something beautiful. Other things do not do well being together and an “explosion” ensues. 😉 Choose those around you wisely. If they make you feel as though they’re trying to bring you down and you are not strong enough to control how you feel, let them go. They can and will diminish your beautiful glow and hinder your growth like a vine strangling a tree. We all glow with what we emanate. Those that glow with love (not the romantic sort in this case) shine as bright as the sun. Love yourself. Love others. It will enhance your life, their life, and life everywhere.

If you are alive today, I can almost 100% guarantee that you’ve had at least 1 life before this one. Ever been to a Renaissance Faire? Serious Rennies (I use the term lovingly) that spend a small fortune on costumes and spend every weekend driving a distance just to spend the weekend immersed in the time of the Faire, well it’s safe to say that most of them lived in that time period. It calls them. It draws them. At the core of their existence (subconsciously), they remember that life. They find the lack of technology at a Faire to be wonderful. And they LOVE the fashion. They love the live shows and energy of other humans as opposed to the coldness of a television. I wouldn’t say that anyone misses the plague or the nonexistence of antibiotics, but there is something to be said of a simple life equaling happiness. There are also those that yearn for Atlantis. Yes it existed. For a very long time as a matter of fact. These are the people obsessed with reading every book about it. Some collect crystals. Some remember the water coming. There are also those that lived in the “Wild West”. They’re fascinated with cowboy movies. Things that draw you, think about that. If you constantly read about a certain war and visit museums, that might just mean something. 😉 Again, you may be drawn to many time periods. Some souls have been around and incarnated many times. People have knack for feeling when “old souls” are around. There’s just something about them…:)

Being sensitive to energy, in the past 10 years or so, I’ve noticed a huge change in a positive direction. Animals are being treated better. (No, I’m not anti-hunting. A merciful kill is much better than being led to a heartless slaughter.) People are selecting and using Earth friendly products and demanding higher quality food items. Spirituality is growing. People are more open minded, and many are growing more sensitive (psychically) than ever before. Mediums and psychics are more accepted by society. People are realizing that everyone is sensitive to a degree. Many times simply becoming more open enhances the sensitivity you’ve got. As a medium/clairvoyant, I can see only as much as someone allows me to see and wants me to see. when someone wants to “test” me, I cannot see anything. If they’re skeptical, that’s no problem. They’re curious but haven’t made a decision as to whether I’m “real” or not. I like skeptics. :) I will not and cannot divulge personal information about those that come sit with me. If they do not trust me, I cannot help them. I don’t charge people to come and sit with me. I’ve had people demand to bring a gift of some sort, and I have happily accepted a flower for my garden or some heartfelt item of an inexpensive nature. I was given the gift of healing and helping, and so I must pay it forward. It helps me center my energy. By helping others, I help myself. The same is true for EVERYONE. It’s an energy boost to help another person or animal. Try it sometime. Things are on a cycle of upward change. I can see it and feel it. People are “paying it forward”. My dream is that the children of today will live happier more fulfilling lives than many are living today. The time of change is difficult for many, especially those filled with fear and afraid of change. Change can be beautiful and GOOD.

Your world is unique to you. There are billions of people on this planet, and every individual has a slightly different world despite living in the same world. Imagine 2 people in the same room. There was a death in the room 200 years ago. A mother cried over her dead child. To one person, the room is simply a room. To the other person there is a palpable sadness to the room. There is an imprint that can be seen/felt of what happened. The second person might not want to stay in the room long. One person is more sensitive to energy than the other. That’s not the only way in which perspectives differ. Of course life experiences influence what we see as well. If you’ve never been in battle and yet judge soldiers for killing people, I’m not sure that you understand that your perception of a soldier is not the only one. That same soldier may suffer PTSD and guilt for life and even into death. Even if a soldier feels no guilt, that doesn’t make them a “bad” person. Again, until you’ve been in combat, judging someone negatively that is in combat is easy. That soldier has a family that loves them just as family of the person they killed loved that person. There are two sides to every story. Judgement takes an awful lot of energy. God, assuming you believe in a benevolent one, will forgive you. The harshest critic you will face is yourself. Upon death, you will face every moment and every breath of your life. You will criticize yourself but in the perfect energy of the Other Side, you will accept your imperfections and move forward. It’s no different in life. we criticize ourselves daily. I should be thinner, smarter, less fearful, more beautiful, etc. Most of us are downright mean to ourselves. Some are outwardly mean to others. How people treat others is an inward reflection of what is within a person. If I’m mean to everyone I encounter, I’m miserable and sad and angry inside. It has nothing to do with anyone I encounter, it;s all me. It’s nothing personal in regards to anyone except my internal self. So when you encounter a mean spirited person, try to feel pity on them. They’re not happy at all. They may have never known happiness. Hope that they grow to find peace and happiness sometime in their lifetime. Because the more happy and peaceful people here on the planet, the more happiness and peace that gets sent around and felt by everyone. Try loving instead of judging. It will make a world of difference to you and to everyone on this planet.

Many people believe that they must find “the one” in order to be complete and happy in life. Happiness must come from within. When you rely on anyone but yourself for happiness, you’re asking a lot from the thing or person, and you will most likely at some point be disappointed. Things happen. The people you love can die. Objects get lost, stolen, or worn out. What you have is not who you are. Some of the happiest and most fascinating people have very little as far as material things are concerned. Those that have peace and happiness and love have EVERYTHING.

Think of life as a puzzle. Every human on the planet is a piece of the puzzle. The pieces that fit closest to you are similar to what most would call a soul mate. Are there people that do find a “soul mate” and stay with them for life? Yes, but this is exceptionally rare. Even those closest in the puzzle to us sometimes only get to, or need to, spend so much time with us until we grow apart. The absolute best situation for a very close “soul mate” to be in your life is if the happen to be a friend and never are looked at as a romantic option. I’ve seen this in instances, and it’s amazing and beautiful. It is rare, but it does happen. Both parties must realize that although they flow together beautifully they do not NEED each other. Romance complicates things. in these instances, a very close and perfectly fitting puzzle piece has been found in life. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other pieces that would fit as well. Be open to that. And some pieces will fit in your life for a while, then the puzzle shifts. It’s not static. It’s like life. :) So be happy. Be open. Gravitate to anyone that you feel a pull towards. But fulfill yourself. Don’t look for someone else to complete you. It will not work. If you are missing a piece of yourself, you must find the piece within yourself. One cannot complete a puzzle of ice cream with a puzzle piece of a duck. Well, technically one might find a piece that by happenstance fits, but it will not be the same as using a piece from the same puzzle.