Something missing in your life?

If you feel as though something is missing in your life…
If you feel as though there’s got to be something more to life…
Figure out what it is that you feel you’re lacking. Sit quietly. Close your eyes. What is it that has you feeling empty? After you figure out your desires, take a step in the direction of happiness. Your intent to find happiness and be happy is enough to make it happen! If it is love you seek, be sure to complete yourself before setting off to find someone to enjoy your life with. A lover will not fill the need for love if you do not first love yourself. If you have plenty of money but no joy, figure out why. Should you maybe spend some instead of hoarding it all? Should you give up a job that pays well in order to be happy? That’s your choice. Your happiness is your own to find and enjoy.

Energy is contagious

Please try to understand that energy is contagious. If you walk into a funeral parlor, and everyone is crying and mourning, it brings your energy level down to a sadness. If you’re having a “bad” day and someone smiles at you, that smile can be enough to uplift you even the tiniest bit. Positive energy is a great thing to spread and share. There is so much power of good within you. Don’t underestimate the power of your touch either. A comforting touch, like a hug, can mean the world to someone that needs a positive or uplifting energy boost. Touch is an INSTANT exchange of energy and very intimate. For that reason, it’s why you sometimes pull away from someone that makes your energy vibrate at a level that makes you feel not so “good”. Choose to contaminate everyone with your kindness and love. Be mindful not to contaminate people with fear and negativity.


Sex permeates society. Why? It is the closest to combining two souls that most humans will come across in life. It’s the connection to Oneness. Have you ever slept with someone that you didn’t love? Maybe the physical aspect of that sex was fantastic, but the emptiness afterwards made you contemplate things. You still felt an emptiness or like something beautiful that should have been there was missing? That’s the absence of love. It makes no difference to me if you’re abstinent, promiscuous, or in a healthy relationship. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy for you. However, if you bring love to the art of making love, you will find enjoyment beyond simple lust. It’s also much easier mentally if you have trust and respect within the relationship that you’re physically fulfilling with sex.